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    Dialogue 1

    A: What did you learn at the workshop you went to yesterday? Do you think it was worth the investment to go?

    B: Yeah, I really got a lot out of the session. The workshop topic was resolving personnel problems. It was led by a professional human resources director. The teacher had a lot of expertise, and I think we were all given a really good base to start with.

    A: The workshop was only one afternoon long, do you really think you can learn that much in only a couple of hours?

    B: It depends on the topic, the teacher, and the way the course is set up. Yesterday, even though we only hade a short time to discuss the issues, the workshop got us all thinking. We learned some very basic, but very useful methods of dealing with personnel issues.

    A: Sounds like you really learned a lot.

    B: I did... I just hope I can implement all these great ideas that were shared.

    Dialogue 2

    A: The company is selecting three employees to attend the marketing seminar next month. Did you put your name in for it?

    B: No, I don't really care too mucn for seminars... I find them to be either boring or useless. I mean, how much can you really learn in one afternoon?

    A: It's not just about the things that you learn, you know... Seminars are a really great opportunity to mingle and network with professionals in our industry from all over the nation. You can learn a few things, but more importantly, you rub shoulders with the business leaders and make contacts that could lead to potential sales or partnerships in the future. The social mixers are always more important thatn the seminar anyway.

    B: I'm still not too jazzed about going... I feel kind of awkward in those cocktail party situations.

    A: Well, what if I told you the seminar is going to be held in Hawaii? Does that perk your interest?

    B: Now you're talking.

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