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    2019年商務英語中級情景口語: 管理技能培訓




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    【摘要】小編給大家帶來2019年商務英語中級情景口語: 管理技能培訓,希望對大家有所幫助。

    Management Training

    Dialogue 1

    A: Here at Brookstone, we hire for attitude, but we train for ability. What that means is our employee base is made up of a team of teamworking go-getters, who have the right stuff to learn and develop their skills continually.

    B: What kinds of training programs are available to staff?

    A: Our training focuses on leadership development. We have one specific course that is called our Management Success System, or MSS. We don't just teach technical aptitude, but we also allow our managers and supervisors an in-depth learning experience that includes a three-month leadership course. The program's focus is to help our management team develop a global view of our company, so our future senior leaders will know the issues facing our industry and be prepared to be an effective leader of a worldwide organization.

    B: It sounds like a really rigorous program. It's not easy to cultivate globalized leadership. Which employees are eligible for the training course?

    A: There is a competitive selection process. Participant criteria includes a high performance record, positive feedback by peers and supervisors, and a desire to participate and advance in the company.

    Dialogue 2

    A: Welcome everyone to the first session of our leadership workshop. As you all know, you've all been hand-picked by senior staff management to participate, and from your performance reviews, I know you're the cream of the crop. I hope you all appreciate the opportunity to work on your management abilities, and become further indoctrinated in our company culture and business plans. To start with, do we have any questions?

    B: Excuse me, yes... I would like to know a little more about our schedule for the training. What days will we be meeting? How long will the training sessions take? How long will the course last? Is there homework?

    A: We will meet weekly on Thursday mornings. Each session will last three hours, and the course has a duration of three months. You will have assignments that will require out of class time to complete. This training course is a comprehensive and intense preparation for you. The parcipants of this course are the future leaders of this corporation, with a great percentage of the graduate going on to promotions into the senior management circle. Our goal is to equip you with all the skills and understanding of a multinational company that will enable you to be an effective leader.

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